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Mike Hagedorn
Applied Software Dynamics was formed by consultant, programmer, author and public speaker Mike Hagedorn. He has been helping people catch a vision for building better software since 1995. Mike is an active participant and founding member of the Houston Ruby Brigade.

Software development has always come as second nature to me. I got my start writing control system software for industrial robots, then did a stint writing C++ code for a rather large project at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. After that I spent a really long time writing Java (with a small detour in .Net) until I discovered the joy of Ruby. Lately I have been spending my time relearning Objc and Cocoa for the iPhone/Mac platform.

I have been an independent consultant since 2003. Since that time I have worked on a variety of projects, for clients of all sizes. If you need help on your specific application, email me and we can talk about your application. If I can’t help you, I probably know someone who can.

I enjoy creative and technical writing. I contributed a chapter to Advanced Rails Recipes, and write frequently on my blog

I have spoken on several occasions to user groups and enjoy communicating my passions about technology.

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Email: mike@appsdynamic.com Phone: (713) 553-3835 Twitter: @mwhagedorn Location: Houston, TX

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